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doodling with the stars

while in Angouleme I also did a small interview for Nouvel Observatuer. you can read it here. big thanks Mélissa Bounoua and Amandine Schmitt for chatting with me. they also have a great tumblr about the festival called 4 jours a angouleme you should check out.
in other news, i'm getting kicked out of my office in tel aviv, and now searching for a new place. if you know of a nice office or working space in tel aviv please let me know.

talk soon



  1. I'd wait weeks to get an autograph of yours.
    you're such an amazing artist

  2. Great, Asaf. Sorry I missed you this year--maybe next?

  3. it was so fun hanging with and tomer at angouleme a couple times. i hope to make it back one day. another great strip. thanks.

  4. thanks guys... hope to see you all next year, Saturday night at le chat noir!

  5. הייתי רץ כדי לקבל ממך רבע ציור


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